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Important SQA information

During assembly today S4, 5 and 6 pupils were issued with a letter with SQA and study leave information and a leaflet about registering to get results by text/email. Those doing N5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualifications were also issued with individualised exam timetables and an SQA booklet “Your Exams”. Pupils with Alternative Exam arrangements should disregard this timetable and use the one provided by the ASL Department.

Click the graphic for a full timetable of all Examinations taking place at Turriff Academy. It is essential that you refer to this timetable and NOT the one on the SQA website as we have brought some exams forward to try to fit them into the school day. Referring to the National timetable may result in student arriving late to exams.


SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are:
Tuesday 23/04/2019 6pm Chemistry Higher
Thursday 25/04/2019 6pm Maths Higher
For more information on how to take part in upcoming sessions, please visit SCHOLAR‘s Online Tutor Sessions.
Please note that worksheets will be available and should be attempted before some sessions.
You can see regular updates via Twitter @SCHOLARuk and Facebook SCHOLARprogramme.





School Holiday Consultation

Aberdeenshire Council would like to invite parents to take part in a consultation on the pattern of school holidays, term dates and in-service closure dates.  The consultation will run from Monday 25th March 2019 until Monday 6th May 2019 and is available online. A link to the survey will be emailed to parents.

Paper copies can be printed using the attached document.

The current pattern of school holidays and term dates was approved by the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee on 29 May 2014. This covered the sessions from 2014/15 to 2019/20.

The pattern of school holiday and term dates currently takes into account the following factors:

The national requirement that the school year for teaching staff consists of 195 days, which includes 5 In-Service closures and results in a school year of 190 for pupils

There are four sets of school holiday periods: a summer break of 6 weeks, three further breaks of two weeks during October, at Christmas and at Easter.

The aim to avoid part weeks as far as possible where the week begins on a day other than Monday; ends on a day other than Friday, or where there is a closure on a day mid-week.

Alignment where possible of holiday and term dates with neighbouring local authorities. It should be noted that Aberdeen City are currently consulting on their school holiday pattern which includes options referring to changes to the mid-term break and October holiday.

Final dates will be issued in June 2019.



National Healthcare Weekend




Adult learning

New date for your diary – Turriff Academy’s ‘High School Musical’ will now go ahead on the 12, 13 & 14th June 2019.
Also the date for this year’s musician of the year competition is Wednesday 24th April.

Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to the Turriff Academy website. One of our senior leadership classes is currently working on revising and improving the website and keeping it up to date with our successes and achievements as well as informing pupils, parents and the wider community about key dates and events.

Turriff Academy is a community which fosters Respect, Ambition and Achievement for all. Turriff Academy has a long history of upholding the values of honesty, hard work, fairness and ambition and it has a strong reputation as a school where pupils feel safe, secure, supported and included.

I am impressed by how Respect, Ambition and Achievement are promoted throughout the school.

We aim to develop our young people to be the best they can be in everything they do to enable them to make a positive contribution to the local, national and global community. We aim to ensure that all our pupils secure and sustain a positive destination beyond school.

We have an exciting year ahead and are looking forward to working with our partners in the community in developing our young people.

I hope that you find the information provided useful and that it gives you a flavour of the ethos and aims of Turriff Academy.

Ms Lee Menzies

Head Teacher
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  • 8 Jul '19 - 16 Aug '19 – Summer Holiday

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