Parent Council


Minutes of meeting held on 8th May can be found here.

Agenda for meeting to be held on Monday 12th June at the Academy can be found here.

March 2017 Minutes.


My name is Lynn Chambers and as a few of you may know I am the Chairperson for Turriff Academy Parent Council. I have been the chair for the past 3 years and we have a full committee.  We at the parent council are there to help the school and its teachers with any ideas they might have.  We are another set of ears and we can give them our opinion on their ideas.  As a parent council we are there for the school, we helped in the process when we required a new head teacher.  If you have anything you think the parent council can help you with please, if you’re free on Monday 8th May @ 7pm come along to our meeting or if you can’t make the meetings email me on
Thank you
Lynn Chambers