Guidance – Pupil Support

On entry to Turriff Academy every pupil joins one of the four houses, each of which comprises register classes from S1 to S6. The houses are Craigston, Delgaty, Forglen and Hatton. Each house is supervised and overseen by one of the principal teachers of guidance. These principal teachers of guidance are responsible for the day to day support of all pupils in their house. Their remit includes:

Teaching personal & social education curriculum and arranging visiting speakers and presentations.

  • Personal support of all pupils in their house.
  • Monitoring and tracking pupil progress.
  • Reviewing and reporting progress and achievement.
  • Partnership working and liaison with staff, other support personnel and agencies.
  • Resource management, development work, including planning and development of PSE curriculum content, and whole school development.
  • Personal support of all pupils in their house includes:
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with pupil and parents/guardians.
  • Responsibility for welfare and progress.
  • Support social, emotional, personal problems.
  • Prepare pupils for making course choices, career planning and preparation for life beyond school.
  • Disciplinary matters.
  • Maintaining relevant, up to date records.

Guidance teachers have a vital teaching commitment as well as an extensive consultation and collaboration role; they also participate in a range of multi-agency meetings, hearings, annual reviews and extended guidance team meetings.