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Art & Design Department


Art & Design courses are designed to give pupils the opportunity to express themselves and work creatively with a variety of materials in a satisfying and enjoyable way. The subject provides them with insights into the world of visual arts and design and helps them to develop many skills such as research, problem solving, evaluation and communication. They are able to explore areas of personal interest and develop technological skill through a range of cultural, social and historical contexts.

Three core elements are studied: Expressive Activity, Design Activity and the study of the work of Artists and Designers.


Expressive Activity: this involves

  • Identifying and investigating themes and ideas of personal interest and relevance
  • Analytical drawing from first-hand sources
  • Developing media-handling skills
  • Developing and resolving personal ideas and interpretations imaginatively
  • Investigating and responding to visual and/or other stimuli
  • Communicating personal thoughts, feelings, ideas and interpretations through the production of two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional visual forms


Design Activity: this involves

  • Developing and applying skills of flexible, creative thought and action
  • Identifying design problems
  • Investigating the requirements, constraints and implications of a design task
  • Considering a range of design issues, for example, visual, functional, aesthetic, tactile, social and economic issues
  • Researching and developing a range of approaches and possible solutions
  • Developing skills of flexible thought and action
  • Selecting and producing a solution
  • Evaluating the process and solution


Art and Design Studies: this involves

  • Researching and investigating areas of the visual arts and design
  • Forming and communicating informed personal views, opinions and judgements.
  • Going to see work on location is an important part of coursework.
  • A variety of visitors share their experience with pupils in the department and outside.

 If you want to see some Turriff Academy art from days gone by…….look here