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Home Economics Department Team
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The Aims of the Home Economics Department

To provide a welcoming department, where we fully develop the potential of all and equip young people with transferable skills to prepare for life after school.

To encapsulates the ‘Experiences and Outcomes’ of ‘Health and Wellbeing’ ‘Technology’ ‘Literacy’ and ‘Numeracy’ delivered in an active enjoyable manner.

To provide courses which will meet the needs, interests and abilities of all ages and stages where progression becomes an integral part of the overall programme.

To develop the learner’s knowledge of the relationship between food and health promoting a positive attitude towards healthy lifestyle choices.

To develop the learner’s practical skills to implement healthy eating.

To praise pupils recognising that if a young person does his/her best then this should be acknowledged.


Broad General Education Course:

Year one

Pupils have a double period in the department for approximately 12 weeks. Emphasis is given to developing practical and organisational skills, including the application of hygiene and safety routines within the kitchen. They will also explore issues related to healthy lifestyles.

Year three is as an elective year with a double period + one single period every week.
The emphasis continues to be on practical food work, encouraging an awareness of national dietary targets, individuals’ dietary needs and requirements, hygiene and safety routines. These sessions promote collaborative working opportunities, experience of essential life skills, assisting pupils who wish to make the transition into senior courses.


Courses offered in Senior School

The Scottish hospitality industry is vibrant and growing. This course provides the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge for those who wish to progress into professional hospitality courses or the hospitality industry.

National 3/4/5

Course Overview
This is a practical course supported by related theory, it includes practical cookery (1 – 2 dishes per week). This will allow pupils to develop a range of practical food preparation skills and techniques, using appropriate tools and equipment as well as developing organisational skills needed to research, plan, prepare, evaluate products and processes.  Pupils will gain an understanding of the importance of food safety and hygiene, using sustainable ingredients and current dietary advice relating to the use of ingredients.


National 3/4/5 Assessments

There are 3 units in the course:

Unit 1: Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes

This unit aims to enhance pupils’ food preparation and cookery skills.

Unit 2: Understanding and Using Ingredients

This unit aims to enhance the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of ingredients

Unit 3: Organisational Skills for Cooking:

This unit aims to allow pupils to develop the ability to follow recipes; to plan, produce cost dishes and to work safely and hygienically.


National 3
There are three internal assessments, one for each of the three units.

National 4
There are three internal assessments, one for each of the three units.

Added Value Unit assessment to gain the overall course award comprises of a 1.5 hr exam, producing a 2-course meal, which includes pupils completing a written planning booklet.


National 5

There are 3 parts to the assessment of National 5 level

Time plan and Service Details – done under assessment conditions arranged through class teacher.

Practical assessment – 3 course meal prepared in a set time frame;

Planning, organisational and time management
Food preparation techniques according to the brief
Preparing and using ingredients
Presenting and serving each dish
Demonstrating food safety and hygiene


Theory exam – this is done under exam conditions- during the SQA exam diet.

The time plan and theory exam are marked externally.

The practical cooking assessment is marked internally but may be moderated by SQA.
Candidates who do not achieve the standard for the overall course award assessment may gain free-standing units.



For practical courses, learners will be encouraged to participate in practical tasks at home in order to develop and refine fine motor skills and organisational ability. Theoretical aspects of all courses will be supported by the completion of work provided by the department.

Extra Curricular There will be provision of revision sessions nearer the time of assessments. Pupils are encouraged to attend revision to enhance chances of a good pass.

All courses contain a significant amount of practical cookery for which we will require a contribution towards the cost of ingredients. students will use: £50Current costs per pupil –
S1 – £12.00
S3 – £40
National 3/4/5-£80