Expressive Arts


The Expressive Arts Faculty is made of three subjects; Art, Drama and Music.  In the BGE pupils have 1 period of each of these subjects each week.

S3 pupils can chose to study music, music technology, art and design or drama and they are in class 3 periods a week.

All courses for senior phase pupils can be found in the relevant subject area drop down menu, these include the following courses;

N4 Art and Design

N5 Art and Design

Higher Art and Design

Higher Photography

NPA Photography




N4 Drama

  N5 Drama

Higher Drama




N4 Music Performing

N5 Music Performing

Higher Music Performing

Advanced Higher Music Performing



N4 Music Technology                                   

N5 Music Technology

N5 Music Technology QR Code

Higher Music Technology


National 3 courses are also available for all subjects above.



Photos to follow –

Head of Faculty Expressive Arts –Mrs Zoe Hall

Music Teacher 0.6 fte – Mrs Morven McNeil

Music Teacher 0.4 fte – Mrs Joanne Ingram

Drama Teacher – Mrs Kirsten Borthwick

Art Teacher – Miss Fiona Michie

Art Teacher – Miss Megan Lawrence



The Expressive Arts are all around us.  From the buildings we live in, to the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the most recent series on Netflix or film we have watched or the phones we couldn’t live without.   It is the artists, musicians, sound engineers, actors, directors, designers, technicians, architects, and many other professions that are responsible for creating, designing, composing or performing in these multimillion businesses worldwide that allow us to live in modern society.  All these professions use the same core skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking and collaboration and these are at the heart of our Expressive Arts curriculum here at Turriff Academy.  Our courses are practical based, dynamic, and engaging for all pupils allowing them to explore their own talents and interests.  Both in the classroom and out with staff are dedicated to ensuring that pupils have every opportunity to become;

  • successful learners who can express themselves, think innovatively, meet challenges positively and find imaginative solutions to problems and who have developed knowledge and skills related to the different arts and broader skills such as the use of technologies
  • confident individuals who have developed self-awareness, self-discipline, determination, commitment and confidence through drawing on their own ideas, experiences and feelings, and through successful participation
  • responsible citizens, who can explore ethical questions, respond to personal and social issues, and develop stances and views, who have deepened their insight and experiences of cultural identities and who have come to recognise the importance of the arts to the culture and identities of Scotland and other societies
  • effective contributors, who can develop and express their creativity, work cooperatively and communicate with others, and in so doing, show initiative, dependability, leadership and enterprise.


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