Pupil’s Area

Parent Consultation

Appointments are available from 5:00 – 7:00pm, although staff may be able to schedule one or two shortly before or after these times. Pupils will be issued with appointment forms prior to the event so that you can plan your schedule.

As well as providing an opportunity to discuss progress with Guidance, Subject, Learning Support and Pupil Support staff, the events may also have representatives from Careers, Further Education and Health Services when relevant to the particular year group. Members of the Senior Management Team are also in attendance.


As well as the normal regular class or topic assessments designed to assist progress and the provision of appropriate learning strategies, pupils in S4, S5 & S6 have more formal subject examinations. These provide teachers with vital information on the pupils’ depth of understanding and help to identify future learning targets and strategies. They help pupils to prepare for the national examinations organised by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and to develop study skills that will give them the opportunity to perform well.

All pupils are issued with an examination timetable prior to the exams; for SQA examinations this is a personal timetable which shows only those exams that they are sitting.

The link below gives details of these examinations.

The SQA Examination Timetable is available at the SQA website via the link below.

NOTE: Although the days of the examinations will remain the same the actual examination times will be adjusted to match with the Turriff Academy school day and school transport schedules.



Dates on which Pupil Progress Reports are issued to pupils for taking home to parents are available at the link below. It details both Reports for each Year Group and Interim Reports where relevant. Report dates are also included in the link in the Calendar section towards the top of the page.

Pupil Planner

Every pupil is issued with a Learning Planner at the start of each school year. It is a diary in which they can record when Homework is due, meetings, appointments, activities and events, dates of tests and examinations, etc. It has space to record their personal timetable and includes reminders about the Academy’s Code of Conduct and School Dress Code (details of these are available in the handbook in the Parents’ Area).

Of particular importance for BGE pupils in S1-S3 are Learning Planning pages on which pupils can record specific Learning Targets (what you want or need to achieve) and Improvement Plans (or what you need to do to reach the target), and for Senior Phase pupils in S4-S6 the Monitoring and Tracking pages. These targets can be decided with the help of the Guidance teacher, subject teacher or Support teacher. This aspect of the Learning Planner helps pupils take personal ownership of their learning.

Below are links to:

Guidelines for using the ‘Learning Planning’ pages.

A sample page from the ‘Learning Planning’ section.

Learning Planning Guidelines

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