Home Economics

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Home Economics Department Team

Ms. H Paterson

Ms. J Cathcart

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Current costs per pupil –

S1 – £22.00

S2 – £44.00


Home Economics provide an excellent learning environment, which enhances the development of knowledge and understanding of the relationship between food and health. Through active practical learning, pupils are given the opportunity to develop their creative talents and to acquire organisational and management skills which can be adapted and transferred to day to day life and future careers.

The Aims of the Home Economics Department

Most importantly we want pupils to enjoy their time in the department during their Broad General Education years and then choose to return for senior courses.


More specifically we aim:

To provide a welcoming department, where all pupils and staff feel comfortable and are engaged fully during lessons.

To provide courses which will meet the needs, interests and abilities of all ages and stages.

To encourage and promote a positive attitude towards healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

To develop skills which will enable them to look after themselves and others in the future.

To develop a knowledge of kitchen hygiene and food safety rules and to establish these during their working routines.



Broad General Education:  Practical Cookery Course.

In S1 and S2 pupils have a double period for half the year and in S3 a double every week if chosen as an elective.

The content and structure encapsulates the ‘Experiences and Outcomes’ in ‘Health and Wellbeing’ ‘Technology’  ‘Literacy’ and ‘Numeracy’ delivered in a stimulating active manner appropriate to age and stage.

The emphasis is on practical food work, encouraging an awareness of national dietry targets, individuals dietry needs and requirements , hygiene and safety routines. These sessions promote collaborative working opportunities, experience of essential lifeskills, assisting pupils who wish to make the transition into senior courses.

Courses offered in senior School

Hospitality  National 3 4 5

In Hospitality we aim to further develop learners’ skills and enhance their employability.

This course has three units:

Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes

This Unit aims to enhance learners’ cookery skills, food preparation techniques and their ability to follow cookery processes to produce dishes. Learners will also develop an understanding of the importance of safety and hygiene.

Understanding and Using Ingredients


This Unit aims to enhance learners’ knowledge and understanding of ingredients from a variety of different sources and of their characteristics.

Organisational Skills for Cooking


This Unit aims to extend learners’ planning, organisational and time management skills. Learners will develop the ability to follow recipes; to plan, produce and cost dishes and meals.

Practical Cake Craft National 5

In Practical Cake Craft, we aim to enable learners to:

  • use a range of preparation techniques, bakery techniques and processes when following recipes
  • select and use ingredients to produce and decorate baked goods
  • develop an understanding of ingredients and their uses
  • work safely and hygienically

The course has two units of work:

Cake Baking


This unit aims to enhance learner’s skills and knowledge of how to create and bake a number of different types of cakes and biscuits.


Senior Cookery


Senior pupils have been developing cookery skills by cooking on a weekly basis. They have also been looking at Food Hygiene in some depth and have all qualified with their Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate. This course has been useful for equipping people with a certificate to help them get part time jobs while going on to do further studies from school. Budgeting and sustainability was core to the course to enable young people to make best use of a food budget.

Sewing Club

A Short term Christmas Sewing Club operated this term. Pupils were part of an inspirational group who learned how to operate a sewing machine, using a variety of equipment for a sewing task. Pupils planned designs suitable to be produced on fabric on a Christmas theme. These included Christmas Stockings, tree decorations and advent calenders.

A very industrial and successful group who met on a Friday night from 3 – 5