Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At Turriff Academy, every effort will be made to enable all pupils to benefit fully from their education and to achieve their potential. This can best be achieved when we have a code of conduct and a set of school rules to support expectations, described below, that are upheld by all members of the school community.


As a pupil of Turriff Academy, it is expected that you will:

  • Show that you value learning by working hard and always doing your best
  • Show respect for school staff and visitors by being polite and helpful in any dealings with them.
  • Show respect for your fellow pupils by valuing everyone as a unique and worthwhile person.
  • Care for the school and local environment by keeping them safe, orderly and free of mess or damage.
  • Adhere to the school’s expectations of good citizenship.
  • Follow the agreed classroom rules to enable effective learning to take place.
  • Follow the agreed school rules that will enable these expectations to be upheld.

School Rules

The school rules describe the responsibilities placed on the pupils at Turriff Academy to conduct themselves within and around the school buildings and grounds, and on their way to school, in a manner that enables everyone to enjoy a secure, friendly and supportive environment to which they are entitled.

Good Citizenship

As a pupil of Turriff Academy I will:

  • Attend school regularly and arrive punctually.
  • Uphold the good name of the school in public through my actions and manner.
  • Follow the the school dress code at all times.
  • Treat others as I would like to be treated myself.
  • Accept and value that people are different.
  • Listen to reasonable and fair instructions given to me by all members of staff and carry them out without question.
  • Avoid confrontations or aggressive behaviour.
  • Avoid behaviour or actions which could be dangerous, provocative or cause offense to others.
  • Treat property and the environment with care.
  • Avoid smoking in or around the school grounds, have cigarettes, e-cigarettes, matches or lighters in my possession.

Movement around the school

Turriff Academy pupils will not:

  • Leave or enter the building by the security doors during the school days (ie. between 8.50 am and 3 pm/3.50 pm).
  • Leave the building during the day without permission and without signing out.
  • Access lockers during class periods or at change of period times.
  • Enter a classroom without the teachers permission.

In corridors and on stairs, Turriff Academy pupils will:

  • Keep to the left and not run, push or indulge in anti-social behaviour.
  • Not loiter or congregate in groups.

At interval and lunchtime, Turriff Academy pupils will:

  • Have access to any seating area provided they are kept litter free and there is no anti-social behaviour.
  • Keep to the pavements, not walk or loiter on the roads when outside the school grounds.

Use of School Grounds

  • Ball games are permitted, but only if the authorised type of ball is used.
  • The school grounds must be kept free of litter.
  • Snowballing is not permitted within, or around the school grounds.


  • Schoolbags must be left only in the designated areas (that is, period 4 classrooms, lockers, the cloakroom areas).
  • While in PE, valuables must be padlocked into the lockers using the padlocks provided and must not be left unattended.

Out of Bounds

  • The staff car park is out of bounds to the pupils.
  • Locker areas are out of bounds to pupils other than those accessing their lockers.

Consumption of Food and Drink

  • Take-away food and soft drinks may only be consumed in the canteen, front playground or Quad. Entrance to the Quad with food and drink must be via the PE door.
  • Eating and drinking is forbidden in corridors and classrooms (including the school library).
  • It is permitted to drink plain still water anywhere in the building, and at anytime during the school day, subject to any Health and Safety restrictions.

Travelling on School Buses

Turriff Academy pupils are expected to:

  • Wear seatbelts where fitted.
  • Follow the schools Code of Conduct while travelling on the school buses.
  • Show due consideration for their fellow passengers.
  • Do nothing to distract the driver.
  • Follow all reasonable instructions given by the driver.

Classroom Code

The classroom code aims to help pupils to become responsible learners and create a classroom environment that is calm, supportive and productive. This will enable both learners and teachers to operate effectively.

To achieve this, all pupils are expected to follow this code:

  • Be on time for each lesson.
  • Be prepared for each lesson.
  • Follow instructions the first time that they are given.
  • Try hard to achieve your maximum.
  • Have respect for yourself and others.
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

Use of mobile phones, MP3 Players, iPads, and other mobile devices

The rules regarding mobile, MP3 Players, iPads, and other mobile devices in Turriff Academy are as follows:

  • Devices may be taken to school on the understanding that the school accepts no responsibility for loss or theft.
  • Devices must be switched off and out of sight during class lessons, in the library and at assemblies.

Procedure for inappropriate use of mobile phones, MP3 Players, iPads, and other mobile devices.

  • The teacher will ask the pupil to switch the device off and return it to pocket or schoolbag.
  • Failure to do so immediately constitutes a breach of classroom rules and will therefore be dealt with through he Positive Pupil Behaviour Policy.

This will allow all pupils to give their very best attention to their work and to achieve the highest possible standards.

In conjecture with the classroom code, pupils will create classroom agreements/charters through which they will hold responsibility for how the classroom code works within their classes.

School Dress Code

We want you to be proud of belonging to Turriff Academy. The communities surrounding Turriff and the town itself deserve to have a school that presents a strong, positive advertisement of all that is best in education.

We expect all pupils to be smart in appearance by wearing the school dress code every day.

All pupils

  • Plain black or white shirt
  • Plain black sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan, with or without the school logo.
  • Plain black skirts or trousers – no coloured stitching or logos.
  • Tie – black with house colour stripe.
  • Blazer or jacket – plain black, with or without school logo (optional).

The dress code does not include any stripes, spots, lace patterns or logos. Only plain black and white with or without the school logo

Shoes and trainers should be dark although white trainers are acceptable.

Brightly coloured shoes and trainers are not acceptable.

Leggings worn on their own are not acceptable.

Strappy tops are not acceptable.