Turriff Academy

 Respect, Ambition and Achievement

Turriff Academy is a community which fosters Respect, Ambition and Achievement for All.

At Turriff Academy we value

  • Highest achievement for all
  • Hard work and perseverance
  • Trust, honesty and integrity
  • Equality, fairness, diversity  and inclusion
  • Care for self and others
  • Care for the local and global environment

At Turriff Academy we aim to uphold these values by


  • Developing respect for self and others
  • Building strong, positive relationships and a sense of personal responsibility
  • Developing effective participants in society with a sense of belonging and community


  • Building on individual talents, interests and ambitions by providing opportunities for all
  • Providing challenge and motivation
  • Building personal, social and emotional resilience


  • Providing interesting, enjoyable and creative learning opportunities
  • Communicating reflectively, while working independently and co-operatively