Turriff Academy’s Facebook Acceptable Use

Turriff Academy’s Facebook page is designed to help us improve our communication so that you know what is going on.  It is also designed to celebrate and share with you all the wonderful achievements of our young people. We hope you enjoy their stories. Please be assured we will also continue to support our local community fully, when we can, by posting information on jobs, College events and other positive or helpful news.

As a Level 2 “United Nations Rights Respecting School”, we expect everyone in our school to be respectful towards each other at all times. That includes on our social media sites.

Our Young People know the procedures to follow in school if they have a complaint. For anyone else, Aberdeenshire Council has its own set complaints procedures which we adhere to. Our Facebook page is not the place to state complaints or be rude or write silly or negative comments or comments that go against our school policies. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted and the sender will be blocked from Facebook.

If you think any information is factually incorrect on our site, please email details to our school. We will check and amend information, if required, to avoid confusion on our site.

We want the thousands of people who read our website, and now our Facebook page, including employers and community leaders, to see the best of our school.

Please remember, this is a school Facebook page and as such all comments should be appropriate for its intended audience.

Thank you for supporting us with this.